The poetry of (in)security

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The HackRF One: First steps

The wireless world is an area I’ve been interested in for a long time. From the the more common applications such as Wi-Fi, bluetooth and FM to the lesser explored such as radar, satellite and GSM, radio frequency is an area I plan to explore extensively. How awesome is the concept of electromagnetic pulses in this age that is driven by electromagnetism. I digress so let me get back on track, there will be several more posts to explore the possibilities.

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Saints and Outlaws

I have been teaching a class on Network Security at mlab and one student asked what the state of cyber-security in the country was. In this post I explain the current state and the outlook over the coming years.

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The BRO Chronicles 2

In part one I analysed the data communication that takes place on a phone over a one hour period. Read the post here for details and background info. Here, I go further and analyse what happens over a twelve hour period of normal phone usage. I ran BRO on my phone from 6:40am to 6:40pm and ensured that data was on and WIFI off the whole time.

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Hackers Wanted!

>Some expletives have been edited out<

>The catching of feelings is encouraged<

>Heavy Hip Hop references included<


>Begin Rant<

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The BRO Chronicles 1

I was having a random conversation with Christian. The conversation was based around Kali Nethunter and all the cool stuff that can be done with it. The discussion was revolving around “man in the middle attacks” and I suggested that having BRO running on Nethunter would be awesome. This got him excited and true to his nature, he couldn’t rest till he’d attempted it. Long story short, he did some amazing work and had it running soon afterwards complete with a detailed “how to” guide. Here’s a link to the guide.

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Learning to hack

Becoming a skilled hacker or the politically correct “information security specialist” doesn’t have a straightforward defined path. Here I will try to layout what constitutes a good way to go about it.

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AfricaHackon - Be part of the story

I first heard of AfricaHackon at my previous job where I was working in IT. A colleague and friend told me about a conference about information security that would be held at our building. This was early last year. Being in charge of the network, I would be assisting in setting up internet access for the conference. Now when you’re incharge of the network and you hear you’ll be giving access to your network to a room full of the best “hackers” in the country, you get a bit nervous. I use the word “hackers” in quotes because that’s where I’d like to start.

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Crypto magic - zero knowledge

There are some applications of cryptography that can only be classified as magical. It is only fitting that my first crypto post begins with one of them - zero knowledge proofs. I will try and explain it without all the rather complicated mathematical stuff.

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who are you?

Bright Gameli Mawudor is my name. Friends in the infosec world call me ~ze3D~. A passionate information security engineer with a love for system exploitation, gleaning information from all corners of the web about a target, and social engineering using all possible methods.

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